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Innovation and Intellectual Property Management (IIPM) Laboratory

What do executives need to know about IP? An expert view by Graham Bell, IP Strategy consultant

28 April 2021

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Graham Bell, founder and managing director of Cubicibuc Ltd., an IP consulting firm. For the past 5-6 years, Bell has been listed on the IAM Strategy 300. An annual list, carefully composed by IAM, of The World’s Leading IP Strategists. According to IAM, Graham Bell’s “abundant...

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Unpacking Crisis-Induced Intellectual Property Challenges

21 October 2020

© Alexander Moerchel*, Frank Tietze, Leonidas Aristodemou, Pratheeba Vimalnath (2020) *Corresponding author. Please send comments to: Abstract: The Covid-19 pandemic exposed firms, organisations and their respective supply chains which are directly involved in the manufacturing of products that are...

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Nature Biotechnology article "Pledging intellectual property for COVID-19"

5 October 2020

Voluntary pledges to make intellectual property broadly available to address urgent public health crises can overcome administrative and legal hurdles faced by more elaborate legal arrangements such as patent pools and achieve greater acceptance than governmental compulsory licensing. In our Nature Biotech article (38...

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Automated Licensing Payment Systems (ALPS) project leads expert workshop discussing use cases and challenges of the novel Bill-of-IP (BoIP) concept

23 September 2020

On 21 September, the IfM-led project group Automated Licensing Payment Systems (project) hosted a workshop with thought-leading Intellectual Property (IP) experts and scholars to discuss use cases and challenges of the Bill-of-IP (BoIP) - a novel concept for digital IP management (DIPM). At its core, the BoIP is a digital...

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Frank Tietze's talk at University's Maxwell Centre sharing insights into our Covid-19 + IP research

2 July 2020

Frank Tietze, head of the IIPM Lab was invites to share insights into the research we have been working on since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. The talk is organised by the University's Maxwell Centre jointly with Cambridge Network. In his talk Frank summarised the main findings from our recently published IEEE...

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Unpacking the innovation landscape for crisis-critical products, services and technologies in the Covid-19 pandemic

1 July 2020

© Max Elsen*, Frank Tietze, Leonidas Aristodemou, Alexander Moerchel (2020) *Corresponding author. Please send comments to: Abstract: Lockdowns and related preventive measures have severely disrupted supply chains all over the world. While demand for a range of products and services, such as...

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Why intellectual property needs urgent attention from policy makers during the COVID-19 pandemic

20 May 2020

Intellectual property (IP) is a tool to help govern global open innovation systems, and should therefore be given higher priority when leading into a more sustainable post-Covid-19 world. The Covid-19 pandemic and anthropogenic climate change are both global challenges for humanity and crises of unprecedented scale that...

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New working paper focusing on IP challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic

12 May 2020

A pandemic calls for large-scale action across sectors in order to mobilise resources to develop and manufacture crisis-critical products as efficiently as possible, in the huge quantities needed. This include digital innovations ranging from complex epidemiological models, artificial intelligence (AI) methodologies, to...

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