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Innovation and Intellectual Property Management (IIPM) Laboratory

Open innovation: Solving IP challenges for SMEs

26 February 2022

The recent addition of The Manufacturer features an article summarizing the key results from our recent POINT project for the European Commission, particularly EISMEA (European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency). The article addresses the needs of SMEs, particularly when it comes to the IP related challenges...

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New project funded by British Council

10 January 2022

This British Council has awarded to the IIPM Lab an India-UK partnership project that aims to design, develop, and pilot test a multidisciplinary teaching module for educating Indian graduate students on ‘Intellectual Property for Sustainability’. The project integrates learnings from the ongoing Belmont Forum and Norface...

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ALPS collaboration with University of Pisa

16 December 2021

img_20211210_112404.jpg The ALPS team is pleased to announce the start of a formal collaboration between the IIPM Lab, on behalf of the University of Cambridge, and the Department of Computer Science of the University of Pisa in Italy. The project is called “Climbing ALPS” and the local manager is Frank Tietze, while the...

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EPO's Patent Knowledge Week

24 November 2021

On 21 November Frank delivered a talk in the opening session of this year's Patent Knowledge Week organised by the European Patent Office that superseeds the previous EPOPIC conference series. In his talk Frank reviewed the evolution of the patent informatics/analytics industry looking back some 20+ years and putting...

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IP and COP26

12 November 2021

I had the chance to attend COP26 in Glasgow as observer on behalf of the University, particularly for Cambridge Global Challenges and Cambridge Zero. The three days have been a fantastic experience and I wrote two short travel reports in which I explore what the role of IP might be and how it could be used in the race...

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Interview series: What executives should know about IP

15 June 2021

The Risk of Short-Termism - An expert view by Ray Millien, Chief IP Officer at Volvo Car Group and CEO at Volvo Cars Ventures. This is the third blog, resulting from a series of interviews with senior IP experts discussing the question: "What do executives need to know about intellectual property to make better business...

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Interview series: What executives should know about IP

10 May 2021

How to select a good IP expert for your business? An expert view by Gwen ten Berge, Director IP Litigation at VMI Group and President of the Dutch division of AIPPI. By Charlotte Wittkampf This is the second blog, resulting from a series of interviews with senior IP experts, discussing the question "What do executives need...

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What do executives need to know about IP? An expert view by Graham Bell, IP Strategy consultant

28 April 2021

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Graham Bell, founder and managing director of Cubicibuc Ltd., an IP consulting firm. For the past 5-6 years, Bell has been listed on the IAM Strategy 300. An annual list, carefully composed by IAM, of The World’s Leading IP Strategists. According to IAM, Graham Bell’s “abundant...

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Unpacking Crisis-Induced Intellectual Property Challenges

21 October 2020

© Alexander Moerchel*, Frank Tietze, Leonidas Aristodemou, Pratheeba Vimalnath (2020) *Corresponding author. Please send comments to: Abstract: The Covid-19 pandemic exposed firms, organisations and their respective supply chains which are directly involved in the manufacturing of products that are...

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Nature Biotechnology article "Pledging intellectual property for COVID-19"

5 October 2020

Voluntary pledges to make intellectual property broadly available to address urgent public health crises can overcome administrative and legal hurdles faced by more elaborate legal arrangements such as patent pools and achieve greater acceptance than governmental compulsory licensing. In our Nature Biotech article (38...

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