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Innovation and Intellectual Property Management (IIPM) Laboratory

We have worked with a variety of clients, including large and small firms, but also governmental organizations...

  • Developing an approach for due diligence process to access the value of a patent portfolio for an acquisition target
  • IP roadmapping for a UK IoT SME
  • Developing a commercialisation process for a large aerospace company’s patent portfolio
  • Identifying patents with value for sustainability from a leading European aerospace company
  • Understanding IP challenges to innovate with suppliers in a large US aerospace company
  • IP strategy roadmapping training for patent office
  • Executive training, eg NTNU, TIM
  • EU-EASME project on IP challenges for Open Innovation in SMEs
  • Additive manufacturing sector major players in the UK based on patent (and publication) analysis


Over the years we have developed a number of tools to help organizations better manage their IP. Most of these tools are aimed at helping organizations to develop/ formulate IP strategies or to help them strategize making better use of their IP assets. 

Given the considerable roadmapping expertise that CTM has developed over many years and the flexibility of roadmapping as strategy tool, we have chosen roadmapping as our platform to integrate the different tools... which we integrate also with common tools. For instance, 'linking grids' have proven helpful for matching business objectives with corresponding IP asset types that can be used to help achieving those objectives. 

We tend to use visual templates backed up by a validated process for executing those, typically in workshop settings, which can be run in-person or online.

They include:

  • Roadmapping for formulating IP strategies, with generic as well as specialised templates tailored to specific use cases or business models, e.g. such as for developing IP strategies for service based business models (e.g. functional product-service systems) and tech-based 'deeptech' small firms / start-up. ... trademark-based strategies.
  • IP modelling approach for formulating IP strategies
  • IP risk identification and mitigation 
  • IP strategy trajectory mapping
  • IP value maps
  • IP ecosystem mapping
  • A visual approach for identifying IP risks and uncertainties in collaborations and ecosystems
  • Assessing the sustainability impact of organization's IP assets (i.e. IP-SDG mapping)

We have also developed considerable expertise in IP analytics, specifically patent analysis with focus on how those analysis should be conducted to provide valuable inputs into IP strategies and the processes for formulating IP strategies. 




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