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Innovation and Intellectual Property Management (IIPM) Laboratory

The following is a list of short industry focused articles through which we hope to contribute to better IP management practice:



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Latest news

PhD student secures Enrichment Placement Award at The Alan Turing Institute

10 October 2022

Congratulations to Max for securing a place on The Alan Turing Institute’s 2022/23 Enrichment scheme. His research focuses on the identification and classification of climate change mitigation technologies from patent data. Further details here .

Frank Tietze becomes President of the EPIP Association

21 September 2022

Following the general assembly at this year's EPIP conference Frank Tietze has been confirmed as the association's new president.

Maximilian Elsen on research visit at ETH Zurich

11 August 2022

Max, who is currently a second year PhD Candidate within the IIPM, is visiting ETH Zurich over July and August to work in the Group for Sustainability and Technology ( ). Within his PhD, Max works on a project that researches the sustainability value of firm-level patent portfolios. He works...