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Innovation and Intellectual Property Management (IIPM) Laboratory

Executives are ultimately responsible for how well their business is performing. If properly understood, executives can use IP as a tool to maximise the value of their business. Whilst some executives understand what IP can do for their business and utilize their IP accordingly, many executives lack relevant understanding of and knowledge about IP. In this research, we try to answer the question:

What is it that executives need to know about IP to maximise their business’ value?

Asking executives would essentially be asking them about their unknown-unknowns. How would executives know what they should know, if they don’t? This is why we in this research are turning to senior IP experts to explore their experiences.

See also project-related interviews with three leading IP strategists, including Graham BellRay Millien and Gwen ten Berge.

This is a joint research project of Cambridge University’s Innovation and IP Management (IIPM) Laboratory and the Innovation and IP (IIP) research group at Chalmers University of Technology.

Contact: Charlotte Wittkampf (

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26 February 2022

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