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Innovation and Intellectual Property Management (IIPM) Laboratory

In this paper, we propose a responsible intellectual property (IP) strategy (R-IPS) framework based on five exploratory case studies of sustainable companies in energy, nutrition, consumer electronics, manufacturing and water treatment sectors. These companies responsibly use IP assets to create positive social and environmental impact (or reduce negative impact), and unlock new opportunities for financial (economic) gains. The extent to which firms today use IP rights such as patents and trademarks, and IP more broadly (including informal intellectual assets such as data and trade secrets, and contracts) as a strategic tool to facilitate sustainability remains to be understood better. More specifically, we need understanding of how companies could, or even should manage and use their IP more responsibly in these changing times during which transitions towards sustainable development are so thoroughly and urgently needed. The proposed framework defined using five dimensions namely deliberation/intention, sustainability IP alignment, flexibility and timing, inclusiveness, and co-creation can support managerial decision-making in formulating or re-designing IP strategies to increase organization’s social and environmental impact, maximising their contributions (e.g. accelerating transitions) towards building sustainable economies.

The full paper is available here:

News & Blog articles

Visit to Chalmers University of Technology

28 March 2024

Frank attended the final seminar acting as discussants for Sarah van Santen, PhD student of Prof. Marcus Holgersson at the Department for Technology Management and Economics. Her thesis includes two studies unpacking the role of IP in digital and sustainable entrepreneurship. This was a good opportunity to meet again with...

Talk by Prof. Caroline Ncube at King's College

22 March 2024

Within the context of our GOCIA project (Governing Climate Innovation from Africa), it was an honour to host Prof. Caroline Ncube at King's College, Cambridge for a talk on "African perspectives on governing Science, Technology and Innovation to advance the SDGs" during which she introduced her new book, the " Elgar...

GOCIA project visit to Johannesburg

4 March 2024

It has been a fantastic visit to Johannesburg attending the “Transforming Africa: Innovating our way towards sustainability” organised by Erika Kraemer-Mbula and her team from the DSI/NRF SARChI-Trilateral Research Chair in Transformative Innovation (TRCTI) . During the conference we had a chance to meet several colleagues...