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Innovation and Intellectual Property Management (IIPM) Laboratory

I had the chance to attend COP26 in Glasgow as observer on behalf of the University, particularly for Cambridge Global Challenges and Cambridge Zero. The three days have been a fantastic experience and I wrote two short travel reports in which I explore what the role of IP might be and how it could be used in the race towards Net Zero.

The first report titled "Intellectual Property for Net Zero — COP26 observations" is available here summarizing my observations from my first day.

The second report captures my observations from my last day or rather up to the last day before I had to go back to Cambridge. It is titled "IP for Net Zero @COP26 — Continued" and is available here




News & Blog articles

Welcome Marcia

12 July 2024

Thanks for visiting us in Cambridge! It was very nice to see Marcia Mkansi from the University of South Africa at the IfM today. Not only is Marcia Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management at the College of Economic and Management Sciences but also a serial entrepreneurial. Great fun showing her around and...

EURAM track on "Innovation for Sustainablility, Circularity and GreenTech"

2 July 2024

It was fantastic to see that the EURAM track we started back in 2018 now called "Innovation for Sustainablility, Circularity and GreenTech" has grown into a full and standing track at one of Europe's prime management conferences, this year even with seven sessions spread out across all three days. We had excellent paper...

IIPM research seminar

26 June 2024

Yesterday, we had the chance to welcome Kathy Lidell and Mateo Aboy from our Law Faculty to our weekly IIPM research seminar, who brought along a visitor from Australia. Elija Perrier , who is a researcher at the Centre for Quantum Software and Information at the University of Technology Sydney and Fellow at the Center for...