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Innovation and Intellectual Property Management (IIPM) Laboratory

The Strategic IP Forum (SIPF) is an open event series launched in spring 2014 that focuses on strategic IP topics from a business perspective. SIPF aims to bring together interested individuals from the Cambridge region and beyond including CTOs, portfolio managers, VPs, Technology, Heads of Innovation/IP/licensing, etc. from a range of manufacturing companies and sectors to engage in an expert community.

The forum is jointly organised with Avidity IP. To keep updated with information about future events, please join our LinkedIn group.


SIPF1 - Sharing best-practices among IP champions:

SIPF2 - Valuing IP inside-out:

SIPF3 - Organizing for IP exploitation:

SIPF4 - Small meets large: IP challenges:

SIPF5 - IP strategies in and around software:

SIPF6 - Changing IP cultures:

SIPF7 - IP for successful business models:

Latest news

Open innovation: Solving IP challenges for SMEs

26 February 2022

The recent addition of The Manufacturer features an article summarizing the key results from our recent POINT project for the European Commission, particularly EISMEA (European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency). The article addresses the needs of SMEs, particularly when it comes to the IP related challenges...